Jméno a příjmení: Katalin Ertsey

Moje motto: Cesta, která má tisíce mil, musí začít prvním krokem. Lao‘C

Mentoruji v jazyce: AJ

Město, ve kterém bude mentoring probíhat: Prague

Oblast specializace: Leadership, female leadership, ethical leadership, NGOs, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, PR, HR, innovation and startups.

Proč jsem se rozhodla být mentorkou:

I have been working as a mentor for many years, both beside my full time work and as a full time job. I bring a very diverse experience, from 7 countries, all three sectors including corporate, NGO and government throughout my 30 year career.

O mně:

Currently serving as a diplomat at the Hungarian Embassy, responsible for innovation and startups, among many other issues, including women’s issues. Before, MP for the Greens in the Hungarian Parliament. Past 10 years in state administration/government/legislation, the public sector and in academia on the side. Previously, 5 years in the business sector, telekom and consultancy with many undustries, working on CSR, ethical business, women\’s and sustainability issues. Previously, 12 years in the NGO sector, working with international organizations, top fundraiser and later increasingly with business clients on CSR. In total nearly 30 years experience in all 3 sectors (government, business and nonprofit), in 7 countries, mostly in executive, leadership positions.